A Family Gathering

She was only 12. Where was God, on May 15, 1974?

A Family Gathering
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Girl Meets World and lives to tell the story of tragedy and triumph.
“Where Was God, on May 15, 1974?”

"I have not been so moved by a novel, since first reading Alex's [Haley] book. When the film is made, I’m laying claim to the role of Aunt Rose.

— Cicely Tyson

Reedville, Arkansas

“Where was God, on May 15, 1974?

It was 1974— the Deep South.
She was 12 and pregnant; he was 16.
She was black, the daughter of a poor Baptist minister.
He was white, the son of immense wealth and privilege, and a future Senate candidate.

What happened on a hot day in May, just off rural Crispus Attucks road, changed her life forever. His was unaffected, until the passing of 14 years of her exile, a vicious murder, a callous display of arrogance and power, an unexpected visitor, and ‘A Family Gathering’



Past Pulitzer-Nominated

512 p. Hardcover/Softcover
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Completed Screenplay
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Deborah 14 years beyond May 15, 1975.
I Weep No More.

On a sweltering May 15, 1974, the twelve year-old daughter of a rural baptist preacher walked home from school, along a pine tree-lined, unpaved, Arkansas country road. Before she could arrive home, her first life ended. Then...


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"I have not been so moved by a novel, since first reading Alex's [Haley] book. When the film is made, I’m laying claim to the role of Aunt Rose.

— Cicely Tyson


The screenplay is complete. The following is a list of main and support characters:



1.Rev. Henry Bertram Davis (Pastor- Shiloh Missionary Baptist Church & Father)
2.Mabel Davis (wife and mother)
3.Magdalena Morris (Gram d'lena - paternal grandmother)
4.Matthew Jeremiah Davis (brother)
5.Maylene Rene Davis (Eldest Davis Sister and a single mother)
6.Deborah Yvonne Davis (Lead character and 3rd Davis sister)
7.Beverly (Deborah's childhood friend)
8.Karetha (Deborah's childhood friend)
9.Tommy Williams (Deborah's schoolmate - has crush on her)
10.Rachel Davis (2nd Davis sister)
11.Gloria Davis (4th Davis sister)
12.Aunt Rose (Rose Evelyn Sims-Aunt and Mabel Davis Sister)
13.Jack Sims (husband to Rose)
14.Samantha Yvonne Davis (Deborah's daughter)
15.Charles Rollins (Maylene's son)
16.Yvonne Rollins (Maylene's daughter)
17.Paul (Deborah's literary agent - he's in love with her)
18.Jude Barsteau (shadowy figure -rumored to be Deborah's real father)
19.Mrs. Jasmine Baker (Deborah’s teacher)
20.Jonathan Reed (Son of wealthiest Arkansas Family, primary antagonist)
21.Reginald (Gloria's boyfriend - foil for Matthew)
22.Richard Reed (Jonathan's wealthy father)
23.Virginia Reed (Jonathan’s submissive mother)
24.Susan Reed (Reed family adopted daughter)
25.Melvin Davis (Reverend Davis’s brother)
26.June Boy (neighborhood savant)
27.Rebecca (nurse)
28.Big Baby Jesse (neighborhood kid/teen)
29.Jeb Liddy (Reed family hatchet man)
30.J.R. Rollins (Maylene's husband)
31.Elkin Hoage (White neighbor)
32.Mattie Hoage (White neighbor)
33.Florinda Batiste (90 year-old Voodoo practitioner and midwife)
34.Sheriff Lucas Darden (Reed County Sheriff)
35.Thaddeus T. Bluehorn III (black deputy Sheriff and snitch)


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